Simple Solutions for Solar Panel Recycling and Refurbishing

We provide innovative recycling solutions for solar utility sites that are fast, easy, compliant and strengthen a circular economy.

FabTech is here to make your site clean up fast, easy, compliant and profitable



We arrange for shipping and pick up



We can provide onsite collection support



You receive certificates of safe destruction

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We pay for panels that can be refurbished

Clean up your site with no landfill

Panels in a landfill do not belong in the renewables industry. Commit to NO landfill and develop a plan. We want to be your recycling partner.

Our Process:

Have damaged or excess solar panels?

call fabtech

Call FabTech

We’ll evaluate your needs and give you a proposal. We can arrange shipping and pickup. We receive and evaluate the load.

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Each Solar Panel is Evaluated

We look for hotspots, back sheet cracks and scratches or delamination to determine if the panel can be refurbished. Solar panels with shattered glass indicate the need for recycling.

solar panels on pallet

The Solar Panels are Sorted

We separate the panels and the decision is made to recycle or refurbish. Refurbishable solar panels remain at our facility for repair and resale, while end-of-life/non-repairable solar panels are 100% recycled.

money in wallet

You get paid

You will receive payment for all refurbishable panels, offsetting the cost of recycling and shipping. We provide you with proper certifications and reports.

We've Refurbished Solar Panels From

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Solar panel recycling is a specialized process which requires years of experience and proper certifications because each panel is assembled from a combination of different materials.  Our approach guarantees safe, secure, and responsible recycling to use a unique process that recycles glass to be used as new products.

It goes into making other modules, glass, strengthening concrete or numerous other uses.

We give a second life to modules and can provide solar options to those people that normally could not afford brand new solar modules nationally and internationally.  

FabTech is also involved in giving back and donating to nonprofits who can facilitate solar installations in 3rd world countries.

Yes, recycling and shipping costs are fixed and can be expensive.  The best option is for us to be able to pay/credit the customer for modules that are no longer as valuable to the site, but valuable to us.  Most of the time, unless they are shattered glass, or incredibly old, they hold some value.

It's also important for companies to plan for these expenses as a natural part of the ecological process and commitment to a circular economy.

As the industry tightens up, you surely might.  But why risk it, and why not do the right thing?  By using a fully compliant panel recycling company which is compliant with EPA regulatory standards, means you will not have to worry about hefty costs because of noncompliance. In 2018, a well-known home improvement retailer was fined $28 million for unlawful disposal of “hazardous wastes,” and this was not an isolated incident. In the past decade alone, six of the top ten U.S. retailers have been fined over $100 million for hazardous waste violations.

Don’t wait to clean up your site.

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