Overview of Solar Panel Recycling

At some point, every solar panel owner will have to plan for the end-of-life of their solar panels when they break or fall below useful effectiveness.

When this inevitably occurs, it’s important to send the solar modules off to a qualified solar panel recycler like FabTech.

In this article, we’ll be giving a brief overview of the recycling process in addition to discussing how the costs of solar panel recycling can be offset by still refurbishable solar panels.

How are Solar Panels Recycled?

When solar panels arrive at FabTech, they are first assessed for refurbishability.

Solar panels with bent frames, faulty diodes, or lost efficiency are rated as “refurbishable” and set aside.

Money is paid back out to the owners based on the number of solar modules, or credited against shipping and recycling costs.

Solar panels with broken glass or otherwise broken beyond repair are rated for recycling, and the recycling process begins. 

Solar panel recycling is a specialized process that requires years of experience and proper certifications because each solar module is assembled from a combination of different materials. 

Our approach guarantees safe, secure, and responsible recycling.

First, we separate the materials, then evaluate and process the solar panels. 

All the materials are recovered with minimal damage and loss of material.

The materials are reused to manufacture new solar panels or different products.

Our approach guarantees safe, secure, and responsible recycling with our strong partnerships nationwide.

Recycling and Refurbishing: Saving Money

It’s not uncommon for a sizable portion of solar utility sites or solar manufacturers’ budgets to cover recycling and shipping for outdated or damaged solar panels.

A great deal of these costs can be offset by refurbishment.

In recent years, a second-hand market for panels with cosmetic defects or impaired efficiency has exploded in size.

When you choose to recycle with a refurbisher like FabTech, you make back a significant portion of your recycling and shipping costs with each solar panel that’s rated as refurbishable by our technicians. 

It’s a common misconception that solar units have to be in good condition for them to be considered refurbishable.

Thanks to modern techniques, FabTech’s process is able to refurbish more than 95% of all incoming solar panels.

The golden rule is this:

If the glass isn’t broken, it’s more than likely refurbishable!


It’s important for Solar Utility Site Managers, Contractors, and Manufacturers, to have an end-of-life disposal plan.

Modern techniques allow for the recycling of almost all the materials that make up solar panels.

Refurbishable solar panels are separated from recyclable solar panels, then recyclable panels undergo our certified recycling process.

Unlike other solar recyclers, FabTech covers some of the cost of recycling depending on how many solar modules are considered refurbishable.

This saving is passed on to you in the form of cheap or free recycling!

Developing your disposal plan? Contact FabTech now for a free consultation.

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