Solar panel recycling is a specialized process which requires years of experience and the proper certifications since each panel is assembled from a combination of different materials.

Recycling Process


Separate the Materials


Properly process the solar panels, making sure all materials are recovered with minimal damage and loss of material.


The material is ground down and remineralized.


The materials can now be reused to manufacture new panels or different products within a variety of industries.

Our Team Offers:

  • Security - complete ID removal of PV module brands

  • Certification - our processes are certified to relevant local and federal laws

  • Experience - over 8 decades of experience, well versed in all aspects of glass processing

  • Quality & Innovation - cutting edge machinery that allows us to provide the most innovative glass solutions in the industry

  • Environmentally Friendly - we have a zero landfill policy, all materials are recycled or remineralized to be used in the manufacturing of new products.


Need to recycle your solar panels?