How to Create an Insanely Easy End-of-Life Solar Project Plan

Do you have concerns that go with solar panel end-of-life planning? For example, fines for incorrect toxic waste removal, or huge bills for recycling and freight?

Further, researching best practices for end-of-life procedures can be time-consuming, exhausting and overwhelming.

Every solar project has a different end-of-life point definition. It might be one of these examples:

  1. The solar panel brakes or gets damaged during installation,
  2. The physical parts are not working efficiently,
  3. It could be your desire to upgrade your existing solar PV technology,
  4. You might need to upgrade to ensure compliance with a new solar policy,
  5. Weather damage.

In all these instances you must decide how you will handle your used solar panels. Whatever your reason for end-of-life solar panel solutions, you can make a plan on how to move forward now and participate in supporting a circular economy.

There’s a lot of information online about supporting a circular economy with solar recycling that might be misleading. Circular economy means:

● Using repurposing solutions for used solar panels, until they are literally at their end-of-life, AND
● Seeing that they are recycled, allowing those recycled materials to be made into other things.

At FabTech, we find solutions for reusing and/or recycling used solar panels making it easy for you to participate in a circular economy.

Create a Plan to Partner With an Environmentally Compliant Solar Panel Disposal Company

FabTech specializes in managing solar panel disposal solutions. Partnering with them gives you peace of mind because you made a responsible economic and environmental choice. You know you’ll be free from receiving toxic hazardous waste fines for improper actions, and you
aren’t contributing to landfill waste.

As a renewables company, it is imperative that we all are contributing to the overall success of the industry. We accomplish this by not contributing to massive waste issues involving solar panels.

So, what are the best practices for solar panel disposal? Let’s see below for step-by-step ideas to create an insanely easy and environmentally friendly end-of-life plan.

Getting Started

There is no doubt that the costs of disposing of solar panels properly can be prohibitive. Freight alone is a major expense in hauling away hundreds, if not thousands, of modules from a site that has just been damaged by weather, decommissioned, or repowered. Fabtech works with you to find the most economical way for you to dispose of your modules in the most environmentally responsible way.

Two Important Options to Consider:

1. Get Paid for Solar Panels That Are Refurbishable

In-House Solar Panel Repair

There are two very important factors to consider with your module’s end-of-life. First of all, is it truly ‘end-of-life?’ How do you know? Check if the module’s glass is cracked, broken, or shattered. If it is, it is not usable, and therefore not refurbishable – and not of value. It must be recycled.

What about other panels that do not have broken glass? Maybe they are not as efficient as they once were or have broken frames or junction boxes. Most of the damages that make the panel ineffective for your use are fixable. After being refurbished, this same panel can be used and purchased by individuals who could not otherwise afford solar.

When FabTech receives the panels, a technician analyzes each one for:

  • Bent frames
  • Diodes
  • Broken glass
  • Other important components for refurbishment potential

Solar panels eligible for refurbishment will be extra money in your pocket. How amazing would it be to have your total cost of transportation and recycling reduced because you had refurbishable solar panels?

Uses for Refurbished Solar Panels

Refurbished solar panels are re-sold very inexpensively; making it affordable for those that normally couldn’t afford new solar. DIY’ers, RV’ers, Off-gridders, and international customers are lining up for used panels. FabTech also donates to nonprofits that organize solar installations in third-world countries using refurbished panels. When working with Fabtech you know your used modules are in safe hands. They’re either heading towards the refurbish and reuse process, or the recycling unit. You will get paid or credited for the total number of solar panels that pass the refurbishing inspection.

2. Recycle The Solar Panels That Can’t Be Reused

Proper Solar Panel Waste Disposal

When solar panels first arrive at one of FabTech’s processing centers, they are evaluated to determine if they qualify for refurbishment. If not, the panel goes to the recycling area.

Recycle Solar Panels

Even in today’s world, recycling solar panels is complex and expensive. As time goes on, many people and companies are working on solutions to make it more accessible and affordable. It is a growing need in the industry as more and more solar panels come to their end-of-life.

It will take a common commitment to those in the renewables industry to tackle this issue. We will need to work together to create greater awareness, provide new solutions, or budget for and choose to recycle rather than landfill.

Proper solar panel recycling requires specialized service. Each panel comprises a variety of different materials. The process goes as following:

  1. Each solar panel is separated,
  2. Each part is processed separately depending on the material,
  3. The glass remnants contribute to cement or glass products, and
  4. The aluminum goes on to be reused in other ways.

Make it a company policy to recycle your end-of-life solar panels before rushing straight to the landfill – or at the very least, research what it would cost when you consider refurbishing options. Fabtech prepares individual estimates based upon your preliminary assessment of the condition of the panels.

Join Us in Our Commitment to Recycling and Refurbishing Used Solar Panels

Please contact us today if you’re looking to partner with an end-of-life solar panel removal company that is:

  • Fast
  • Easy
  • Compliant
  • Profitable

We’ll be happy to talk you through our process and answer your questions.

FabTech is a family-owned company…

That wants everyone to feel welcomed to partner with us for any solar end-of-life concern. We want to bring our expertise to help you see that recycling and refurbishing used solar panels can be an easy, viable option for you.

When partnering with industry leaders of end-of-life solar disposal processes, such as FabTech, you’re protecting your business. You’ll receive a Certificate of Safe Destruction for the disposal of your old solar modules, which you can feel good about.

Feel free to call us for help in creating an insanely easy end-of-life solar project plan. Partnering with FabTech for any decommission of a solar project that you’re doing is an easy answer. We make sure every step of the disposal process is easy for you, safe, and environmentally friendly.
If you’re ready to partner with a compliant refurbishing and recycling company – please contact us online. Or call us at 480-813-7280 Ext 108 and ask for Janette Freeman.

Check out our website at WWW.FABTECH.NET to see our latest news and projects.

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